First Drafts

I have immensely enjoyed Anne Lamott’s book, “Bird By Bird” and her thoughts and ‘instructions’ on life and writing. I have found myself simultaneously comforted and uncomfortable at the idea of the “sh%tty first drafts” that she describes all authors having to work through. She wrote the book pre-blog-era, where people just write and post, write and post, write and go, “Wait, that stunk worse than my kid’s diaper! And now it’s posted on the World Wide Web for anyone to laugh mockingly at…or roll their eyes in boredom…or call me a self-indulgent buffoon!”

So, this is my disclaimer. I will have many things that I say poorly, and it will probably happen many times. There will be things that I am sure I will regret saying, and will probably edit out. There will be times when I think I am right, and I will probably be in the minority. Overall, I like conversations and exploring the ins and outs of each of our journeys.

So this is my space that you are invited to poke around into and join me in conversation. This is my outlet for processing the days as a follower of Christ, a mom, a sister, a friend. And much too often, this blog is an excuse to not be doing something more productive.

Happy Draft-Readings.